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Here goes to the self-conscious ones, the ponderers, and the misfits...
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If you're like me, you love music but are a terrible dancer.
It's time to change that.
Handbook to navigate Life Volume 14.1
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Put on a song you like (guilty pleasures are encouraged). Turn up the volume and continue doing that as the song progresses.
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Move your feet. Make small displacements. At first, do this privately for more ease. If you feel an urge to sing, even if you don't know the lyrics of the song, do it. Continue by moving your arms. If you discover you look like a) a robot, b) a tickling star, or c) a restless volcano, then you're well on your way.
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For an enhanced experience (and this is ambitious), try to stand in one feet and push the weight of your body in one single direction. Turn. Contrary to must things in life, faster is better. Otherwise you'll lose your equilibrium. (But don't go too fast or you'll fall. As with all things in life, aim for balance).
Most importantly: let go. And a beautiful contradiction: you'll preferably be doing this on your own, but picture yourself surrounded by people, the cheers and the claps in the background...
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Too much melancholic music in your playlists and nothing to dance with? No sweat.
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Access this playlist and dance away!
Note: The playlist is collaborative. Add it to your profile and include your favorite songs! Extra bonus: Still don't feel ready? Watch this video:
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